A backup of my tf2 configuration files.
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앤드루’s configs

Based on RaysHud & Mastercomfig

General modifications

  • Crosshair flickers between purple/green when pressing WASD (from stabby’s configs)
  • Bind ] to suicide
  • Bind mouse3 to say no.
  • concise voice line menu
  • Null canceling script
  • Use custom cursors per class per gun
  • Custom hitsound (from woolen sleevelet)
  • Custom killsound (roblox)
  • different cl_interp per class (from stabby’s configs)
  • Network settings
  • protection from server / motd
  • tab activates scoreboard, netgraph, and mem_compact
  • colorblind assist on

Spy Modifications

  • q toggles between the sapper & knife
    • If using a weapon other than the sapper, Q always goes sapper first

Spy Modifications

  • mouse3 activates pyro panic script

Concise Voice Menu

This operates like spy’s concise menu.

Z Phrase
zzz medic
zzc go go go
zxz move up
zzx thanks
zcz yes
zcx no
zxc go right
zxx go left
X Phrase
xzz incoming
xzx spy
xxx need a dispenser here
xxz teleporter here
xxc sentry here
xcz activate charge
xcx ubercharge ready (medic only)
C Phrase
czz help
czx battle cry
czc cheers
cxz jeers
cxx positive
cxc negative
ccz nice shot
ccx good job