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  Andrew Zah 6d8febf371
Fix bug with wrong variable name in Hero.cr 1 year ago
  Andrew Zah 3c920a2840
Add turbo to gamemodes 1 year ago
  Andrew Zah e8e4b77cdb
Update for 7.07+, dark willow/pango, new items, mk 1 year ago
  Andrew Zah ee56f7c20a
General spring cleaning & refactoring 1 year ago
  Andrew Zah 1ebc898a8c
Update cossack reference (moved repositories) 2 years ago
  Andrew Zah 13a44e767d
Add unknown hero, add Unknown value to Api::League::Tiers enum 2 years ago
  Andrew Zah 94032b9bde
allow yaml classes to be either Int8 or Int32 2 years ago
  Andrew Zah 8a8fc7d324
change mapping rel path, update ability.yml, add #last_match to client, update yml models initializer 2 years ago
  Andrew Zah 5e2c2438f3 update info for 7.00+ 2 years ago
  Andrew Zah 0e21876703
Add Side to match, add radiant & dire methods to match 2 years ago
  Andrew Zah d9cab8c057
Add travis, doc, and logo images to README 2 years ago
  Andrew Zah 6e055e7951
Update readme to be comprehensive. Close #1 2 years ago
  Andrew Zah 9db32cb90d
Initial commit 2 years ago